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K C International
  A Division of KC United, Inc.
  6161 Savoy Suite 310
  Houston, Texas 77036
  (713) 952-6888   Fax: (713) 952-9994
Projects and Products

K C International is committed to work with our client to solve complex environmental issues and using the State of the Arts technology and products to help our earth.

Solar PV Panel - K C International has invested and formed a joint venture-BLC Solar, Inc. to produce and marketing Solar Panel and its associated parts.  BLC Solar Inc is consist of Greenery Crystal Tec Co., Ltd, Longbai Photovoltaic Tech Co., Ltd and K C International.   BLC currently has a warehouse facility in Houston,Texas and  will ship our Solar PV Panel throughout United State within 2 to 3 days.

LED Products - K C International is also representing and marketing wide variety LED products that made by Foxconn, the world largest manufacture company

Green Building Projects - K C International - Green Building Project.  K C International is teamed up with Leeds certified professionals to develop, design and build environmental sensitive project  




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